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Three Engagement Photo Location Ideas in Vernon, BC

If you clicked on this blog post, I'm assuming your engaged - so congratulations! We love doing engagement photo sessions because there is so much love and excitement in the air. Vernon has so so many beautiful places to take engagement photos, the options are honestly endless. It's important, when choosing your location to think about what you want your photos to look like. The main question to consider is do you prefer trees, the lake, or the mountains.. or all three?! The beauty with being in the Okanagan is that you have all three options. We can go into the mountains, in the lake or near the lake, we can go to a lookout where you have a view of the lake, or we can go for a walk into the forest in the trees! We are so lucky to live in such a special spot. The three spots that we are going to share about today are just a few ideas for you. If you want more, please reach out!

1) Cosens Bay | Kalamalka Park | Coldstream BC

The classic Cosens bay. It's so popular because, well.. it's stunning! It has a variety of photo locations, it has the lake, it has the mountains and it has the perfect neutral colours. It's a place us photographers LOVE to go and the photos always turn out so well. This photo session was done in the summer, during a warm evening. We find the evening here is such a great time to go, because the sun sets right over the mountain, and it's glorious. This location has fields to stand in, paths to walk on, and flowers to sit in. It also has trees to kiss in, and a view to just stop and stare.

2) Kekuli Bay Provincial Park | Vernon BC

The next location is so so stunning, especially when the sun is shining. It's easy to get to, the view is incredible and it's pet friendly! This couple is from Kelowna, and this seemed like a great place to meet since although it is in Vernon, it's on the Kelowna end, and a shorter drive for those coming from Kelowna. If you are someone who loves the lake views, or grew up around these lakes, this place would be a perfect one for you.

3) King Edward (aka King Eddie) Mountain | Lavington BC

This may seem like an interesting pick, since this is not a common location - BUT - we think it's underrated. If you love the forest look and hate crowds, well this will be the right location for you. It's the perfect place to just hangout, or it could be the place to do an activity in your photos, such as making a fire and drinking coffee by the fire! I love how small these two look amongst the huge trees around them. To me, this says; it's just you and me in this big big world, but we have each other and that's all we need. I think that says a lot about this location, and that's why it's one of our favourites.

Although this is a small list of locations, we hope it's good place to start to give you ideas! A reminder as well.. when deciding on a location, remember that these photos capture a big moment in your life, and they should be in a place that means something to you and your partner! It's easy to want to choose the prettiest location or the one with the best view, but we promise, they will turn out SO much better when it's a special place. If nothing comes to mind when you think of that place, send us a message and we can help you brainstorm together.

Much love,

Megan & Kimberly

MK Photography

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